Polish born director and producer Jedrzej studied film at Queen’s University and, upon graduation, began a successful career in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and Portland.


Currently, Jedrzej is concentrating in New Media with an online travel series, podcasts, and several web video marketing projects. His most significant traditional media projects include directing the documentaries “Against The Odds” and “Monte Cassino”, feature film “Low Budget” and the TV series “Amazing Toronto Adventure”. Jedrzej has also worked as a cinematographer and producer on the show “Why Is It Sexy” (Discovery, Canal D), an editor on “Stupidity” (CBC, Documentary Channel) and many other films. This varied experience has contributed to a solid understanding of all aspects of production, giving Jedrzej the ability to efficiently see a production through every step of the process.


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Phone: +1.646.402.5576
Email: jj@capitaljfilms.com

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