Filmmakers should study Low Budget's website as a textbook for up-to-the-moment use of social media tools and clean, clear design. - Making the Movie
 Toronto entertainment magazine "Eye" wrote: 'Jonasz's debut is high concept all the way' about "Low Budget"

 Joe Fox, Movies editor, for the Toronto Star wrote: 'a very valuable addition to the filmed history of World War II...informative and entertaining' about "Against The Odds"

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Director / Cinematographer / Editor "Portland Fall" - 2010
Short Film
Postcard Films


Director / Cinematographer / Editor "Jordan Chan & RadioPopper" - 2010


Director / Cinematographer / Editor "Getting Around" - 2009
Web Travel Series


Producer / Director "3i - Episode 1" - 2008
Web Series Pilot
XTS Global Inc.

Producer / Cinematographer / Editor "Tea Tips with Dr. Tea" - 2008
Video Podcast
Capital j. Films

Director / Editor “Monte Cassino: The Road to Rome” - 2008
Capital j. Films

Editor "FLIP Mysteries" - 2007
Documentary TV Series
WE Channel, The Donna Kanter Company

Segment Producer / Writer / Editor 'Blue Dolphin Kids' - 2006
TV Series
Time Warner OC16, Blue Dolphin Media

Director “Low Budget” - 2005
Feature Film
Capital j. Films

Associate Producer / Cinematographer “Why Is It SEXY?” - 2005
Discovery Channel, Elevator Films Inc.

Cinematographer / Editor “The Long Weekend” - 2004
Feature Film
Point Blank Pictures

Director / Cinematographer “Against The Odds” - 2004
Capital j. Films

Director “Amazing Toronto Adventure” - 2003
Reality Series
Toronto 1, Elevator Films Inc.

Cinematographer “Pelican Daughters” - 2003
Feature Film
Realization Films

Special FX Editor “Stupidity” - 2003
CBC Newsworld, Documentary Channel, Trailervision Inc.

First Assistant Director “Sight Lines” - 2002
Short Film
Capital j. Films

First Assistant Director “Voila” - 2002
Feature Film
Capital j. Films

Director “Leaving Moonbeam” - 2000
Short Film
Capital j. Films

Director “Branowski” - 1999
Short Film
Capital j. Films


Bachelor of Arts - Film Studies, 2000
Queen’s University


Official Selection "Where The Change Is" - 2007
Cine-Rail Film Festival, Paris


Official Selection "Low Budget" - 2006
Kingston Canadian Film Festival


Official Selection "Against The Odds" - 2005
Ann Arbor Polish Film Festival


First Prize, Student Drama “Leaving Moonbeam” - 2000
Vancouver Island Film, Video and New Media Festival


First Prize, Video Production “Branowski” - 1999
Queen’s University